redescription of trichodina kamchatika konovalov, shevlyakov et krasin, 1970 (ciliophora: peritrichida) from the brook trout (salvelinus fontinalis) of eastern canada.trichodina kamchatika konovalov, shevlyakov et krasin, 1970 is redescribed based on specimens obtained from the gills and body surface of brook trout (salvelinus fontinalis) from nova scotia and quebec, canada and its taxonomic history briefly reviewed. this is the first report of t. kamchatika from north america.19948050753
fish host-cestode parasite stable isotope enrichment patterns in marine, estuarine and freshwater fishes from northern canada.cestode parasites from freshwater (threespine stickleback, gasterosteus aculeatus), estuarine (brook charr, salvelinus fontinalis) and marine (greenland cod, gadus ogac) fish from northern quebec, canada, were used to investigate the hypotheses that cestode parasites are (13)c and (15)n enriched relative to host food sources, but (15)n depleted with respect to host muscle tissue as a result of differential enrichment during the assimilation of common nutrient sources. cestode parasites and fish ...200415621744
description of gyrodactylus mediotorus n. sp. (monogenea: gyrodactylidae) infecting spottail shiner (notropis hudsonius) from the st. lawrence river, canada.gyrodactylus mediotorus n. sp. is described from the body, fins, and buccal cavity of the spottail shiner, notropis hudsonius (cyprinidae) from the st. lawrence river, quebec, canada. gyrodactylus mediotorus n. sp. is the first species of gyrodactylus nordmann, 1832 described from n. hudsonius and is characterized by large hamuli, large medial process of the ventral bar, narrow linguiform ventral bar membrane, large anterolateral processes, and marginal hooks with long shafts and distinctly shap ...201323883192
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