taxonomic structure of digenea in wild ducks (anatinae) from west pomerania.parasitic fauna of birds connected with water environment, including digeneans, is relatively well researched in poland. the exception, however, is west pomerania, where those birds were not frequent objects of parasitological research until recently. the purpose of this work is to determine the taxonomic structure of the digenea, parasitising wild ducks living in west pomerania. the research material was 124 individuals of wild anatinae (anseriformes) belonging to 8 species: anas strepera, a. c ...200818702318
[helminthofauna of the goosander mergus merganser l., 1758 from the north-western poland].the goosander, mergus merganser, is a rare in poland water bird (anseriformes: mergini). it eats fish and small invertebrates. the purpose of this study was a preliminary parasitological examination of the digestive tract of the goosander wintering on the szczecin lagoon. the research material were the parasites recovered from digestive tracts of 6 birds (two males and four females), which died during feeding in fishing nets in winter 2001. the birds were subject to standard parasitological exam ...200819338224
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