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bursts of ciguatera and endo-upwelling process on coral reef.we propose a significant relationship between bursts of ciguatera following disturbance on a reef area and seepages of endo-upwelled interstitial waters, rich in nutrients. such waters cannot continue to be used by a stressed or eliminated algal-coral ecosystem and are taken up by epibenthic planktons i.e. gambierdiscus toxicus, of which population increases sharply.19921340345
toxicity of french polynesian strains of gambierdiscus toxicus in clonal strains of gambierdiscus toxicus isolated from three ciguateric areas around tahiti island were mass cultured and extracted for ciguatoxins and maitotoxin. ctx analogs were detected only in one clone (gtp1), suggesting that ctx production may be strain-dependent. however, this in vitro production of ctxs, which remains fairly poor with regards to the toxicity levels encountered in wild g. toxicus, is not a stable temporal characteristic. on the other hand, maitotoxic compounds were ...19921340348
toxicity of australian and french polynesian strains of gambierdiscus toxicus (dinophyceae) grown in culture: characterization of a new type of maitotoxin.gambierdiscus toxicus strains isolated from australia and french polynesia were grown in modified f2 and f10 nutrient media and the cells extracted for ciguatoxin and maitotoxin. the high nutrient enrichment of f2 media induced aberrant cell morphology in both strains whereas the majority of cells grown in f10 media had the typical lenticular shape of wild g. toxicus cells. the australian strain grew faster and produced greater cell densities than the french polynesian strain. different chromato ...19902264067
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