helminth community structure of scinax nasicus (anura: hylidae) from a south american subtropical area.the main goal of this study was to evaluate the relative influence of season, year of study, host body size, and host sex on abundance of helminth species parasitic in the frog scinax nasicus. a total of 273 frogs was collected between december 2004 and november 2006 over all seasons in corrientes city, province of corrientes, argentina. helminth community included 21 taxa, and was dominated particularly by larval trematodes. infected frogs harboured a maximum of 7 species. host sex and season p ...201021290898
larval digenetic trematodes in tadpoles of six amphibian species from northeastern argentina.this article presents a survey of metacercariae found in tadpoles of 6 amphibian species collected near the city of corrientes, corrientes province, argentina. larval digenetic trematodes of the following species were found: (1) travtrema aff. stenocotyle cohn, 1902 (plagiorchiidae) from physalaemus santafecinus, physalaemus albonotatus, odontophrynus americanus, elachistocleis bicolor, scinax nasicus, and leptodactylus latinasus; (2) styphlodora sp. (plagiorchiidae) from o. americanus and e. bi ...200919045934
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