ecotoxicological assessment for receiving waters with the premetamorphic tadpoles acute assay.the toxicity of receiving waters was evaluated by means of the young tadpoles assays. the sentinel organism was bufo arenarum, an indigenous anuran species. the assayed water samples were taken from a highly polluted urban watercourse (reconquista river, buenos aires, argentina), characterized by high concentration of nitrites, phosphates and heavy metals. the toxicity of water samples was assessed performing the pass-fail test and by means of the noec and lc(50); tus (toxic units) were also cal ...200515788180
blood lead content in a peri-urban population of the south american toad bufo arenarum.blood pb concentration in a south american toad bufo arenarum population (n = 152) was determined over 10 samplings carried out between december 1996 and november 1999. the studied population lived in the surroundings of the la plata city, the largest industrial-urban setting of the buenos aires province, argentina. the presence of the metal was detected in all the samples tested, the mean concentration range being 1.99-4.66 mg dl(-1). some preliminary environmental data on soil content of pb in ...200111346044
ecotoxicity in the reconquista river, province of buenos aires, argentina: a preliminary study.the reconquista river in argentina is considered a "supercritical" river basin due to environmental degradation. within its valley of 1.547 km2, there are more than 3 million inhabitants and 12,000 industries. using early-life-stage toxicity tests with bufo arenarum embryos (the most sensitive of three native species), we determined the water quality at six sampling stations of the river valley and expressed the results as acute and chronic toxicity units. along most of the river, the toxicity w ...19968820587
risk assessment of magnacide h herbicide at río colorado irrigation channels (argentina). tier 3: studies on native species.we evaluated the potential environmental risk of the herbicide magnacide (baker petrolite, tx, usa) using native species from argentina, representing the ecosystem at the irrigation corporation (corfo) channels at the colorado river mouth, buenos aires, argentina. six species including fish, toads, snails, crustaceans, and insects were selected to perform studies on acute toxicity and repeated exposure effects. magnacide h susceptibility ranking was bufo arenarum (lethal concentration 50 [lc50] ...200717269476
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