commonly used indian abortifacient plants with special reference to their teratologic effects in rats.a survey programme was organised in lucknow and farrukhabad, two towns of uttar pradesh, from march 1987 to july 1987. during the survey, the common folk medicine plants used by women were recorded and ayurvedic and unani drug encyclopedias were consulted for the antireproductive potential of these plants. aqueous or 90% ethanol extracts of the plants of interest were studied in rats orally dosed for 10 days after insemination with special reference to effects on foetal development. leaf extract ...19921608272
acid deposition and critical load analysis in agra, india.the deposition of sulphur (161.1 eq.ha(-1) per year), nitrogen(49.9 eq.ha(-1) per year), and ammonium (176.8 eq.ha(-1) per year) from the atmosphere were calculated for both wet and dry deposition in agra region of india. seven sampling sites located at bichpuri, bah, fatehabad, shamsabad, nunhai, dayalbagh, and st. john's college were used. the values for critical load of sulphur and nitrogen for soil with respect to hibiscus (hibiscus rosa-sinensis) and black siris (albizzia odoratissima) were ...200415177105
research on plants for fertility regulation in india.this present review of indian plants investigated for fertility regulation includes published literature of the country and unpublished data of the central drug research institute (cdri), located in lucknow, india. publications without supportive experimental data have not been included. it is evident from the data presented in the tables that most of the investigators have failed to include the valuable information on the time and place of collection and proper botanical authentication, if co ...19826752588
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