an assessment of the toxicological significance of anthropogenic contaminants in canadian arctic wildlife.anthropogenic contaminants have been a concern in the canadian arctic for over 30 years due to relatively high concentrations of bioaccumulating and biomagnifying organochlorine contaminants (ocs) and toxic metals found in some arctic biota and humans. however, few studies have addressed the potential effects of these contaminants in canadian arctic wildlife. prior to 1997, biological effects data were minimal and insufficient at any level of biological organization. the present review summarize ...200516154621
influence of petroleum hydrocarbons on the endoparasitic helminths of the common eider, somateria mollissima, from newfoundland.a comparison of commonly occurring metazoan parasites in the digestive tract was made between common eiders, somateria mollissima, that were contaminated with oil and reference birds confiscated from illegal hunting. there was a greater number of commonly occurring parasites and their abundance in reference than in oiled eiders. except for an acanthocephalan, polymorphus botulus, which was embedded in the wall of the intestinal tract, most of the other taxa of parasites, including trematodes, ce ...201021208521
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