genotyping faecal samples of bengal tiger panthera tigris tigris for population estimation: a pilot study.bengal tiger panthera tigris tigris the national animal of india, is an endangered species. estimating populations for such species is the main objective for designing conservation measures and for evaluating those that are already in place. due to the tiger's cryptic and secretive behaviour, it is not possible to enumerate and monitor its populations through direct observations; instead indirect methods have always been used for studying tigers in the wild. dna methods based on non-invasive sam ...200617044939
mhc class i and mhc class ii drb gene variability in wild and captive bengal tigers (panthera tigris tigris).bengal tigers are highly endangered and knowledge on adaptive genetic variation can be essential for efficient conservation and management. here we present the first assessment of allelic variation in major histocompatibility complex (mhc) class i and mhc class ii drb genes for wild and captive tigers from india. we amplified, cloned, and sequenced alpha-1 and alpha-2 domain of mhc class i and beta-1 domain of mhc class ii drb genes in 16 tiger specimens of different geographic origin. we detect ...201020821315
molecular characterization of hepatozoon spp. infection in endangered indian wild felids and canids.hepatozoon species are parasites that infect a wide variety of domestic and wild animals. the objective of this study was to perform the molecular detection and characterization of hepatozoon spp. in asiatic lion, indian tiger, indian leopard, indian wild dog, indian domestic dog and cat based on partial 18s rrna gene sequences from hepatozoon spp. in the naturally infected animals. hepatozoon spp. could be detected in blood samples of 5 out of 9 asiatic lions, 2 out of 5 indian tigers, 2 out of ...201122154254
construction of a full-length enriched cdna library and preliminary analysis of expressed sequence tags from bengal tiger panthera tigris this study, a full-length enriched cdna library was successfully constructed from bengal tiger, panthera tigris tigris, the most well-known wild animal. total rna was extracted from cultured bengal tiger fibroblasts in vitro. the titers of primary and amplified libraries were 1.28 × 106 pfu/ml and 1.56 × 109 pfu/ml respectively. the percentage of recombinants from unamplified library was 90.2% and average length of exogenous inserts was 0.98 kb. a total of 212 individual ests with sizes rangi ...201323708105
prevalence and determinants of stereotypic behaviours and physiological stress among tigers and leopards in indian zoos.india's charismatic wildlife species are facing immense pressure from anthropogenic-induced environmental perturbations. zoos play a major role in the conservation of threatened species, but their adaptation in captivity is posing a major challenge globally. stress from inadequate adaptation could lead to suppression of cognitive functioning and increased display of stereotypic behaviour. it is thus necessary to measure biological traits like behaviour, stress physiology, and contextual factors ...201728414723
fine-scale population genetic structure of the bengal tiger (panthera tigris tigris) in a human-dominated western terai arc landscape, india.despite massive global conservation strategies, tiger populations continued to decline until recently, mainly due to habitat loss, human-animal conflicts, and poaching. these factors are known to affect the genetic characteristics of tiger populations and decrease local effective population sizes. the terai arc landscape (tal) at the foothills of the himalaya is one of the 42 source sites of tigers around the globe. therefore, information on how landscape features and anthropogenic factors affec ...201728445499
tigers of sundarbans in india: is the population a separate conservation unit?the sundarbans tiger inhabits a unique mangrove habitat and are morphologically distinct from the recognized tiger subspecies in terms of skull morphometrics and body size. thus, there is an urgent need to assess their ecological and genetic distinctiveness and determine if sundarbans tigers should be defined and managed as separate conservation unit. we utilized nine microsatellites and 3 kb from four mitochondrial dna (mtdna) genes to estimate genetic variability, population structure, demogra ...201425919139
fatal tiger attack: a case report with emphasis on typical tiger injuries characterized by partially resembling stab-like wounds.fatalities due to attacks by tigers on humans are uncommon and are rarely described in the medico-legal literature. we herein present a forensic investigation in a unique case of a fatal tiger attack in the wild on a 35 year old female in india by an indian bengal tiger (panthera tigris tigris). the attack resulted in two pairs of puncture wounds over the nape area with occult cervical spine injuries resulting from transfixing of spine due to the tiger canines; multiple puncture wounds, numerous ...201323993646
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