anti-brucella agglutinins in bats and "callithrix" monkeys.anti-brucella agglutinins were found in 5 of 53 (9.4%) vampire bats desmodus rotundus, captured in the state of bahia, brasil. two specimens of diphylla ecaudata were negative. fifty specimens of the small monkey, callithrix penicillata, were also negative.1976815569
outbreak of aggressions and transmission of rabies in human beings by vampire bats in northeastern brazil.outbreaks of attacks upon human beings by vampire bats seems to be a common phenomenon in several regions of latin america, but the occurrence of rabies infection among humans bled by vampires, is relatively low. in the present study, two outbreaks of human rabies transmitted by common vampire bats (desmodus rotundus) are described from bahia state, northeastern brazil, in 1991 and 1992. the first was recorded in aporá where 308 people were bled by vampires bats and three of these die from this ...200212621664
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