species richness and abundance of bats in fragments of the stational semidecidual forest, upper paraná river, southern brazil.the upper paraná river floodplain is inserted in a region of the mata atlântica biome, which is a critical area to preserve. due to the scarcity of researches about the chiropterofauna in this region, the present study investigated species richness and abundance of bats in remnants from the stational semidecidual forest of the upper paraná river, southern brazil. samplings were taken every month, from january to december 2006, using 32 mist nets with 8.0 x 2.5 m, resulting in 640 m2/h and totali ...200919738978
bats (mammalia: chiroptera) in native and reforested areas in rancho alegre, paraná, brazil.abstract: generally, natural environments have been transformed into small forest remnants, with the consequent habitat loss and species extinction. the north paraná state is not an exception, since only 2 to 4% of the original ecosystem occurs in small fragments of stational semidecidual forest. we studied the species richness and abundance of bats in two forest fragments from the fazenda congonhas, in rancho alegre city, parana state, brazil. four samplings were undertaken in a legally protect ...201021246993
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