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[report on natural infection of bats by trypanosomatid flagellates in different municipalities in the state of rio de janeiro].this study aimed to evaluate natural infection of bats by trypanosomatids. using blood culturing, 86 specimens from different genera were examined, and 22 samples (25.58%) of desmodus rotundus and lonchorhina aurita were isolated. these results contribute towards knowledge of the occurrence of trypanosomatids in bats in the state of rio de janeiro.200819142454
desmodus rotundus (mammalia: chiroptera) on the southern coast of rio de janeiro state, brazil.since the 1990s, attacks by hematophagous bats on humans and domestic animals have been reported both on the continent and on the islands on the southern coast of rio de janeiro state. the density of vampire bats was investigated based on percentage of captures during control of desmodus rotundus samplings and during bat diversity research. in the present work, 203 individuals of d. rotundus were captured from 1993 to 2009, which corresponds to 11.88% of all bat captures carried out for species ...201121881799
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