[isolation of rabies virus from brain, salivary and interscapular glands, heart, lungs and testis of the bat desmodus rotundus, in the state of são paulo (author's transl)].rabies virus was isolated from the brain, salivary and interscapular (brown fat) glands, heart, lungs and testis of naturally infected vampire bat desmodus rotundus found paralyzed in the day at barueri, são paulo state. the rabies virus isolations were made by intracerebral inoculation in 4-5 days and 30 days old mice. the virus strain was identified as rabies virus by the sellers and faraco (mann) techniques, the fluorescent antibody test and intracerebral inoculation of mice. the isolation of ...19751236047
[bacteriological study of the intestinal flora of bats (desmodus rotundus) (author's transl)].stools of 100 bats trapped in the town of anhembi, state os são paulo, brazil, were examined bacteriologically. hemolityc and non hemolytic strains of escherichia coli were found most frequently (29.5%) followed by proteus group (27%) and staphylococcus (20%). from nine samples of stools the authors isolated salmonella typhimurium.19751236052
potential force of infection of human rabies transmitted by vampire bats in the amazonian region of brazil.human rabies transmitted by bats has acquired greater epidemiologic relevance in various latin american countries, just when cases transmitted by dogs have decreased. concern has been heightened by reports of increased rates of bats biting humans in villages in the amazonian region of brazil. the aim of the present work was to estimate the potential force of infection (per capita rate at which susceptible individuals acquire infection) of human rabies transmitted by the common vampire bat if the ...19969025698
molecular epidemiological analysis of bat rabies viruses in brazil.a molecular epidemiological analysis was performed in 19 rabies viruses (rvs) isolated from haematophagous, frugivorous and insectivorous bats, in sao paulo, brazil. the authors carried out rt-pcr for amplification of the rv nucleoprotein (n) gene, and determined 1,335 nucleotide sequences of n gene by direct sequencing method. phylogenetic analysis, which was based on the n gene of brazilian rv isolates identified presently and previously, revealed that rvs isolated from bats were genetically d ...200516082111
[rabies virus in naturally infected bats in the state of são paulo, southeastern brazil].to identify the species of bats involved in maintaining the rabies cycle; to investigate the distribution of the rabies virus in the tissues and organs of bats and the time taken for mortality among inoculated mice.200717515992
first report of rabies in vampire bats (desmodus rotundus) in an urban area, ubatuba, são paulo state, brazil.the purpose of this report is to record the first case of a hematophagous bat (desmodus rotundus) infected with rabies virus in an urban area in brazil. to the authors' knowledge, this is the first such case in latin america. after discovering a bat in his garden at 10 o'clock in the morning, a resident of ubatuba municipality asked the zoonosis control center team to visit his home. the animal was caught alive on the same day and sent to the pasteur institute laboratory, where it was identified ...200718157407
genetic characterization of rabies virus isolated from cattle between 1997 and 2002 in an epizootic area in the state of são paulo, brazil.the biogeographical history of rabies can be reconstructed using molecular data. this work describes the genetic characterization of the rabies virus variant that circulates in the desmodus rotundus (vampire bat) population in an epizootic area and is transmitted to herbivorous livestock. the n and g genes of this virus were sequenced, and the phylogenetic trees generated were topologically concordant. three genetic clusters were identified in the epizootic area and were designated rd1, rd2 and ...200919442690
landscape risk factors for attacks of vampire bats on cattle in sao paulo, brazil.vampire-bat (desmodus rotundus) attacks on cattle are a major concern for cattle-raising area. blood loss and paralytic rabies due to bat bites can impose severe losses on the livestock. we took four municipalities inside the sao joao da boa vista veterinary district (sao paulo, brazil) as a study area and tested a set of landscape features for spatial correlation with distance to areas in which vampire-bat attacks on cattle were documented. bat- and cattle-related data from the sao paulo state ...201020004487
genetic characterization of rabies virus isolated from bovines and equines between 2007 and 2008, in the states of são paulo and minas gerais.rabies is an acute disease of the central nervous system and is responsible for the deaths of thousands of humans, wild animals and livestock, particularly cattle, as well as causing major economic losses. this study describes the genetic characterization of rabies virus variants that circulate in desmodus rotundus populations and are transmitted to herbivores.201020464137
[the bats and rabies in the western region of the state of são paulo, brazil.]introduction: the polo da alta sorocabana laboratory in presidente prudente, sp, in partnership with other research institutions, conducted studies related to bats from the western region of the state of sao paulo, brazil. thus, certain situations were investigated, including: a) isolation of the rabies virus from 2006 to 2008; b) identification of respective antigenic variants; and c) characterization of daytime shelters of desmodus rotundus vampire bats. methods: samples for examination origin ...201121556491
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