bat-transmitted human rabies outbreaks, brazilian amazon.we describe 2 bat-transmitted outbreaks in remote, rural areas of portel and viseu municipalities, pará state, northern brazil. central nervous system specimens were taken after patients' deaths and underwent immunofluorescent assay and histopathologic examination for rabies antigens; also, specimens were injected intracerebrally into suckling mice in an attempt to isolate the virus. strains obtained were antigenically and genetically characterized. twenty-one persons died due to paralytic rabie ...200616965697
molecular epidemiology of rabies virus isolated from different sources during a bat-transmitted human outbreak occurring in augusto correa municipality, brazilian amazon.we genetically characterize rabies virus (rabv) strains isolated from human cases, domestic and wild animals during a human outbreak of bat-transmitted rabies in augusto correa municipality, pará state, brazilian amazon in 2005. partial nucleotide sequences of the n gene (491 bp) were obtained for all strains, and phylogenetic analysis grouped these into two major clades (pará and central-southeast) and identified them as bat-related viruses genotype i, desmodus rotundus antigenic variant 3 (agv ...200817996263
virological and serological diagnosis of rabies in bats from an urban area in the brazilian amazon.the outbreaks of rabies in humans transmitted by desmodus rotundus in 2004 and 2005, in the northeast of the brazilian state of para, eastern amazon basin, made this a priority area for studies on this zoonosis. given this, the present study provides data on this phenomenon in an urban context, in order to assess the possible circulation of the classic rabies virus (rabv) among bat species in capanema, a town in the amazon basin. bats were collected, in 2011, with mist nets during the wet and dr ...201527049703
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