asthenes dorbignyi (passeriformes: furnariidae) host of argas neghmei (acari: argasidae).argas neghmei kohls & hoogstraal is a neotropical tick species parasite of poultry and man in the arid western of the southern cone of america in argentina and chile. males, females and nymphs of an argasid were collected from 20 to 22 of june, 2007 in nests of creamy-breasted canastero, asthenes dorbignyi (reinchenbach) (passeriformes: furnariidae) at about 7 km s of la poma (24 degrees 46's, 66 degrees 12'w) and a male tick at 24 degrees 48's, 66 degrees 10'w on nov 27, 2008, salta province, a ...201020094759
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