ddt and metabolites residues in the southern bent-wing bat (miniopterus schreibersii bassanii) of south-eastern australia.the southern bent-wing bat (miniopterus schreibersii bassanii) is an insectivorous, obligate cave dwelling species found in south-eastern south australia and western victoria, australia. in recent times, the finger of blame for an apparent population decline at bat cave, naracoorte (one of only two known maternity roosts for this species, the other being starlight cave, warrnambool) has been pointed at pesticide use in the region, following the finding of organochlorine and organophosphate insec ...200415051369
outbreak of skin nodules associated with riouxgolvania beveridgei (nematoda: muspiceida) in the southern bentwing bat (miniopterus schreibersii bassanii), south 2009, an outbreak of white nodular cutaneous lesions was detected in one of only two known breeding colonies of the critically endangered southern bentwing bat (miniopterus schreibersii bassanii), at naracoorte, south australia. necropsies were conducted on 10 euthanized bats in september 2009. in october 2009, 123 bats were examined under anesthesia, with skin biopsies collected from 18 affected bats. prevalence of skin lesions was 45.2%. the prevalence among males was three times greater th ...201324502731
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