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annual cycle of sex steroids in the yellow-eyed penguin (megadyptes antipodes) on south island, new zealand.the yellow-eyed penguin (megadyptes antipodes) is a rare penguin restricted to the south island and some offshore islands of new zealand. it is the least colonial of the penguins but shares with many other penguins a distinct breeding season with a short, synchronised period of egg-laying. blood samples were collected throughout the year from yellow-eyed penguins on the otago peninsula, south island in order to characterise relationships between steroid hormone levels and events of the breeding ...19948045361
prevalence of leucocytozoon spp, in the endangered yellow-eyed penguin megadyptes antipodes.yellow-eyed penguins on stewart island were identified with a leucocytozoon spp. of a novel lineage in association with a high regional incidence of chick mortality (n=32, 100% mortality) during the november 2006 to january 2007 breeding season. fourteen chicks from stewart island were examined post-mortem and histologically for leucocytozoon infection. in addition, a survey of blood to detect leucocytozoon spp. infections using pcr was performed on 107 yellow-eyed penguins from 4 distinct nesti ...201020557665
investigation of an outbreak of craniofacial deformity in yellow-eyed penguin (megadyptes antipodes) investigate an outbreak of severe craniofacial deformity in yellow-eyed penguin (megadyptes antipodes, hōiho) chicks at a single breeding site on the otago peninsula in the south island of new zealand.201424841759
novel morphological and molecular data for corynosoma hannae zdzitowiecki, 1984 (acanthocephala: polymorphidae) from teleosts, fish-eating birds and pinnipeds from new zealand.the polymorphid acanthocephalan, corynosoma hannae zdzitowiecki, 1984 is characterised on the basis of newly collected material from a new zealand sea lion, phocarctos hookeri (gray), and long-nosed fur seal, arctophoca forsteri (lesson) (definitive hosts), and from stewart island shags, leucocarbo chalconotus (gray), spotted shags, phalacrocorax punctatus (sparrman) and yellow-eyed penguins, megadyptes antipodes (hombron & jacquinot) (non-definitive hosts) from new zealand. specimens are descri ...201727765681
investigation of a mortality cluster in wild adult yellow-eyed penguins (megadyptes antipodes) at otago peninsula, new zealand.we investigated an epidemic mortality cluster of yellow-eyed penguins (megadyptes antipodes) that involved 67 moribund or dead birds found on various beaches of the otago peninsula, new zealand, between january 21 and march 20, 2013. twenty-four carcases were examined postmortem. histological lesions of pulmonary, hepatic and splenic erythrophagocytosis and haemosiderosis were found in 23 of 24 birds. fifteen birds also had haemoglobin-like protein droplets within renal tubular epithelial cells. ...201627919180
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