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first report of rahnella aquatilis infection in crucian carp carassius auratus in china.rahnella aquatilis infection is rare in aquaculture. here, a gram-negative rod-shaped bacterium was isolated from diseased crucian carp carassius auratus in xuzhou city, jiangsu province, eastern china. the isolate was tentatively named strain kcl-5, and subsequently identified as r. aquatilis by biochemical properties and molecular techniques. the results showed that the isolate kcl-5 was most closely related to the type strain atcc33071 (= dsm4594) of r. aquatilis, which shared 99.67, 96.26 an ...201728322207
morphological and molecular characterization of actinosporeans infecting oligochaete branchiura sowerbyi from chinese carp ponds.we surveyed the actinosporean stages of fish myxosporeans at fish farms in jiangsu province, china, from 2011 to 2014. during the surveys, we identified 7 actinosporean types from 4 collective groups: echinactinomyxon (1 type), triactinomyxon (1 type), aurantiactinomyxon (1 type), and neoactinomyxum (4 types), released by the oligochaete branchiura sowerbyi. the morphological characteristics and dna sequences of these types are described here. based on 18s rdna sequence analysis, the actinospore ...201526036829
thelohanellus wangi n. sp. (myxozoa, myxosporea), a new gill parasite of allogynogenetic gibel carp (carassius auratus gibelio bloch) in china, causing severe gill myxosporidiosis.we describe here a new myxozoan, thelohanellus wangi n. sp., infecting the allogynogenetic gibel carp, carassius auratus gibelio (bloch), in a fry nursery farm in jiangsu province, china. polysporous gray white round or ovoid plasmodia, 500-1,500 μm in size, were found exclusively in the gill filaments. the diagnostic characteristics of the myxospores are as follows: spore melon seed shaped in frontal view with smooth surface and asymmetrical valves; convex-shaped in sutural view with straight o ...201525287713
detection of toxoplasma gondii in shellfish and fish in parts of this study, a total of 3432 aquatic animals covering eight species were tested by specific polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assays to investigate the presence of toxoplasma gondii, in china. the results showed that, out of 618 procambarus clarkii samples collected from the different areas in southeast china, four samples from jiangxi province were positive. of 456 hypophthalmichthys molitrix samples, one sample from jiangsu province was positive. in addition, there was only one positive sample ...201424331298
study of apiosoma piscicola (blanchard 1885) occurring on fry of freshwater fishes in hongze, china with consideration of the genus apiosoma.apiosoma piscicola (blanchard 1885) was reported from fry of carassius auratus (var. pengze) and ctenopharyngodon idella during parasite surveys in may 2005 and june 2006 at hongze lake fish hatchery, jiangsu province, china. twelve morphometric parameters were used to describe this peritrich in detail in the present study and comparisons were made with other reports. its synonyms, glossatella cylindriformis (chen 1955) and apiosoma magna (banina 1968), were clarified based on reliable data. a. ...200818247054
concentrations of pentachlorophenol (pcp) in fish and shrimp in jiangsu province, china.pentachlorophenol (pcp) concentrations were determined in 55 samples of fish, shrimp, crabs, frogs and turtles collected in jiangsu province and 55 freshwater shrimp samples collected from the huiming fish market, nanjing, china between 2003 and 2004. pcp concentrations ranged from less than the method detection limit (mdl: 0.5 microg/kg ww) to 61 microg/kg ww, with a mean of 5.2 microg/kg ww in 55 samples collected across jiangsu province and a mean of 0.5 microg/kg ww for freshwater shrimp col ...200717537482
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