saponin and sapogenol. l. on the constituents of the roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis fischer from xinjiang, china. chemical structures of licorice-saponin l3 and isoliquiritin apioside.from the air-dried roots of glycyrrhiza uralensis fischer collected in xinjiang province, china ("shinkyo-kanzo" in japanese), a new oleanene-type triterpene oligoglycoside named licorice-saponin l3 and a new chalcone oligoglycoside named isoliquiritin apioside were isolated together with glycyrrhizin, 18 alpha-glycyrrhizin, apioglycyrrhizin, araboglycyrrhizin, licorice-saponins a3, e2, g2, and h2, and six known flavonoid glycosides. on the basis of chemical and physicochemical evidence, the str ...19938221970
mesorhizobium gobiense sp. nov. and mesorhizobium tarimense sp. nov., isolated from wild legumes growing in desert soils of xinjiang, china.twenty-four mesorhizobium strains were isolated from desert soils in the xinjiang region of china and were characterized by a polyphasic approach. these strains grouped into three clusters in igs-rflp, sds-page analysis of whole-cell proteins and box-pcr analysis, corresponding to genomic species v, vi and vii as found in a previous study. the results were supported by sequencing analyses of rrs, igs, atpd and reca genes. genospecies vii was most related to mesorhizobium septentrionale, while ge ...200818984702
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