[studies on the echinonematinae (nematoda)].complementary data on the echinonematinae have been obtained by study of "the australian helminth collection, formerly the univeristy of adelaide, department of zoology helminth collection, currently housed in the south australial museum", and by a morphological and biological study of new material. the echinonematinae actually known are the following: -- seurechina chaneeti n. gen., n. sp., parasite of dasyurus hallucatus (west australia) does not have large cephalic hooks but about 50 rings of ...19807458168
genetic variation in natural and laboratory populations of the marsupial sminthopsis crassicaudata.gel electrophoresis of blood proteins has detected allelic variation at five loci (trf, pgd, sod, ada, gpi) in a laboratory colony of the dasyurid marsupial sminthopsis crassicaudata. family data show no significant departures from mendelian expectations. analysis of blood from wild-caught progenitors of the colony revealed significant differences in gene frequency between groups of animals captured from different parts of southern and central australia and showed that there are two major popula ...19863753431
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