cultural categorization of febrile illnesses in correlation with herbal remedies used for treatment in southwestern nigeria.the ethnographic study was conducted in two communities in oyo state in southwestern nigeria. the study sites consisted of a rural and an urban local government area located in the tropical rain forest zone of nigeria. the study was designed to obtain information on febrile illnesses and herbal remedies for treatment with the aim of identifying potential antimalarial drugs. the study revealed that fever is a general term for describing illnesses associated with elevated body temperature. the ind ...200312639738
some nigerian plants of dermatologic importance.according to the world health organization (who), 80% of the world's population uses medicinal plants in the treatment of diseases and, in african countries, this rate is much higher. in recent years, however, medicinal plants have represented a primary health source for the pharmaceutical industry. no less than 400 compounds derived from plants are currently used in the preparation of drugs, such as vincristine and vinblastine used in the treatment of cancer. nigerians still depend largely on c ...200717919209
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