variations in fatty acid composition of neem seeds collected from the rajasthan state of india.neem (azadirachta indica) is a multipurpose tree native to the indian subcontinent and south-east asian countries. products derived from neem have been used for centuries, particularly in india, for medicinal and pest-management purposes. azadirachtin and neem oil are the two major commercially important products derived from the tree. the oil contains palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acids in good proportion. although there is growing demand for quality planting material for plantation of ...200011171243
ethnomedicinal and ethnopharmaco-statistical studies of eastern rajasthan, india.the study was conducted in eastern parts of rajasthan from march 2008 to february 2009 to identify the important species used; determine the relative importance of the species surveyed and calculate the informant consensus factor (icf) in relation to medicinal plant use. methodology or material and methods: a total of 844 villagers (486 men and 358 women) were interviewed using specimen display method and a forest walk with interviewee and a semi-structured questionnaire was used to elicit the k ...201020214972
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