utilisation of priority traditional medicinal plants and local people's knowledge on their conservation status in arid lands of kenya (mwingi district).mwingi district lies within the kenyan arid and semiarid lands (asals) in eastern province. although some ethnobotanical surveys have been undertaken in some arid and semiarid areas of kenya, limited studies have documented priority medicinal plants as well as local people's awareness of conservation needs of these plants. this study sought to establish the priority traditional medicinal plants used for human, livestock healthcare, and those used for protecting stored grains against pest infesta ...201020712897
anti-plasmodial activity and toxicity of extracts of plants used in traditional malaria therapy in meru and kilifi districts of kenya.the methanol and aqueous extracts of 10 plant species (acacia nilotica, azadirachta indica, carissa edulis, fagaropsis angolensis, harrissonia abyssinica, myrica salicifolia, neoboutonia macrocalyx, strychnos heningsii, withania somnifera and zanthoxylum usambarensis) used to treat malaria in meru and kilifi districts, kenya, were tested for brine shrimp lethality and in vitro anti-plasmodial activity against chloroquine-sensitive and chloroquine-resistant strains of plasmodium falciparum (nf54 ...200616530996
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