sylvatic american trypanosomiasis in argentina. trypanosoma cruzi infection in mammals from the chaco forest in santiago del estero.trypanosoma cruzi infection in sylvatic mammals of the quebracho woods of the eastern part of santiago del estero province, argentina, was studied from october 1984 to december 1987. 301 mammals of 20 different species were caught. t. cruzi, characterized biologically and biochemically, was isolated by xenodiagnosis from 23 of 72 (32%) didelphis albiventris opposums, 2/36 (5.5%) conepatus chinga skunks, and one ferret (galictis cuja). 53 opossum refuges were located and triatomine bugs were foun ...19921566301
interaction between didelphis albiventris and triatoma infestans in relation to trypanosoma cruzi transmission.this paper attempts to prove if a high trypanosoma cruzi prevalence of opossums might be reached with few potential infective contacts. one non-infected didelphis albiventris to t. cruzi and 10 infected nymphs of triatoma infestans were left together during 23 hr in a device that simulated a natural opossum burrow. twenty-six replicates were performed using marsupials and triatomines only once. potentially infective contacts occurred in all the trials. from the 26 opossums used in trials, 54% di ...19958731363
search for trypanosoma cruzi in the anal glands of wild didelphis albiventris from santiago del estero, argentina. 19958731365
[prevalence of trypanosoma cruzi infection in opossum (didelphis albiventris) in santiago del estero, argentina].the opossum of the genus didelphis is one of the principal wild reservoirs of trypanosoma cruzi and is widely distributed in the western hemisphere. didelphis albiventris is the most common marsupial in amamá and trinidad, two communities in the province of santiago del estero, argentina. the d. albiventris population is replaced every year, and the opossum normally has two reproductive periods, one at the beginning of the spring and another at the beginning of the summer. the two litters are we ...199910659667
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