enzootic transmission of trypanosoma cruzi and t. rangeli in the federal district of brazil.the federal district of brazil (df) lies within the cerrado biome, where open shrubland (savannas) is interspersed with riverside gallery forests and permanent swamps (veredas). trypanosoma cruzi-infected native triatomines occur in the area, but the enzootic transmission of trypanosomatids remains poorly characterized. a parasitological survey involving sylvatic triatomines (166 rhodnius neglectus collected from mauritia flexuosa palms) and small mammals (98 marsupials and 70 rodents, totaling ...200415654478
expanding the knowledge about leishmania species in wild mammals and dogs in the brazilian savannah.wild, synanthropic and domestic mammals act as hosts and/or reservoirs of several leishmania spp. studies on possible reservoirs of leishmania in different areas are fundamental to understand host-parasite interactions and develop strategies for the surveillance and control of leishmaniasis. in the present study, we evaluated the leishmania spp. occurrence in mammals in two conservation units and their surroundings in brasília, federal district (fd), brazil.201525889365
are opossums a relevant factor associated with asymptomatic leishmania infection in the outskirts of the largest brazilian cities?a population survey was conducted to explore the prevalence and factors associated with leishmania infection in the fercal region of the federal district. the fercal region is a group of neighborhoods in brasília in which the first cases of visceral leishmaniasis were described. leishmania infection was established by a positive leishmanin test. although other tests were performed in the study (an immunochromatographic assay (kalazar detect(®)) and a molecular assay), only the leishmanin skin te ...201626867473
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