[genetic variation of the mitochondrial dna gene encoding cytochrome b in the magadan population of sable martes zibellina l].the population of sable martez zibellina consisting of two subspecies (m. z. kamtschadalica and m. z. jacutensis) on the territory of the magadan oblast was analyzed for the variation of the 1300-bp mtdna gene region encoding cytochrome b. three haplotypes were revealed among the animals studied (n = 52). six out of nine restriction endonucleases that had recognizable sites within the studied region of mtdna genome had polymorphic sites. an index of gene diversity h was 0.27. the high level of p ...199910576058
[genetic structure of the sable martes zibellina l. populations from magadan oblast as inferred from mitochondrial dna variation].restriction polymorphism of the mtdna cytochrome b gene was studied in nine sable martes zibellina l. populations from three introduction foci of khabarovsk and kamchatka sables in magadan oblast: olya, kolyma, and omolon. for comparison, similar studies were performed with the populations of central kamchatka and khabarovsk krai. in total, 444 dna specimens were examined. three mtdna haplotypes (a, b, and c) proved to occur at various frequencies in the populations under study. the sable popula ...200717555130
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