neophilometroides n. gen. (nematoda: philometridae) for philometroides caudatus moravec, scholz and vivas-rodríguez, 1995, with erection of neophilometroidinae n. subfam.a detailed examination (including scanning electron microscopy) of newly collected nematode specimens (subgravid females) referable to philometroides caudatus moravec, scholz and vivas-rodríguez, 1995, from the swimbladder of the pimelodid catfish, rhamdia guatemalensis, in the papaloapan river in tlacotalpan, state of veracruz, mexico, as well as the paratype specimens of this species, revealed the presence of a small buccal capsule armed with peribuccal teeth in the female. because of this uni ...200212197129
proteocephalus brooksi n. sp. (cestoda:proteocephalidae) in the neotropical freshwater fish rhamdia guatemalensis (siluriformes: pimelodidae) from lake catemaco, veracruz, mexico.proteocephalus brooksi n. sp. is described from the neotropical pimelodid fish rhamdia guatemalensis from lake catemaco, veracruz, méxico. the new species is characterized by the "paramuscular" position of vitellaria, the cortical origin of uterine stem with development of medullar lateral branches, the alternated position of vagina (anteriorly and posteriorly to cirrus sac), and the absence of apical organ and vaginal sphincter. proteocephalus brooksi most closely resembles nomimoscolex matogro ...19968973411
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