neotropical monogenoidea. 57. revision and phylogenetic position of scleroductus jara & cone, 1989 (gyrodactylidae), with descriptions of new species from the guatemalan chulin rhamdia guatemalensis (günther) (siluriformes: heptapteridae) in mexico and the barred sorubim pseudoplatystoma fasciatum (linnaeus) (siluriformes: pimelodidae) in brazil.the diagnosis of scleroductus jara & cone, 1989 (gyrodactylidae) is amended to include viviparous species having a large spine associated with the ejaculatory duct within the male copulatory organ, two band-like projections originating from the posterior margin of the superficial bar and hooks evenly distributed along the haptoral margins. two new species of scleroductus are described from the external surfaces of siluriform fishes of mexico and brazil: scleroductus lyrocleithrum n. sp. from the ...201323263939
bothriocephalus pearsei n. sp. (cestoda: pseudophyllidea) from cenote fishes of the yucatan peninsula, mexico.the cestode bothriocephalus pearsei n. sp. is described from the intestine of the cichlid cichlasoma urophthalmus (günther) from cenote (= sinkhole) zaci near valladolid, yucatan, mexico. the pimelodid catfish rhamdia guatemalensis günther, which also harbored conspecific cestodes, seems to represent accidental or postcyclic host of b. pearsei. the new species differs from congeners mainly by the morphology of the scolex, which is clavate, with the maximum width in its middle part, has a distinc ...19968885891
monogeneans of freshwater fishes from cenotes (sinkholes) of the yucatan peninsula, mexico.during a survey of the parasites of freshwater fishes from cenotes (sinkholes) of the yucatan peninsula the following species of monogeneans were found on cichlid, pimelodid, characid and poeciliid fishes: sciadicleithrum mexicanum kritsky, vidal-martinez et rodriguez-canul, 1994 from cichlasoma urophthalmus (günther) (type host), cichlasoma friedrichsthali (heckel), cichlasoma octofasciatum (regan), and cichlasoma synspilum hubbs, all new host records; sciadicleithrum meekii mendoza-franco, sch ...199910730199
pseudocapillaria yucatanensis sp. n. (nematoda: capillariidae) from the bagre rhamdia guatemalensis (pisces) from cenotes in yucatan, mexico.a new nematode species, pseudocapillaria yucatanensis sp. n., is described from the intestine of the freshwater pimelodid catfish rhamdia guatemalensis (günther) from cenotes (= sinkholes) in yucatan, mexico. it differs from other three related species parasitizing freshwater fishes mainly in possessing the spicule with a simple rim of its proximal end and a non-expanded distal end, in the length of the spicule (0.218-0.295 mm), and the size (0.050-0.060 x 0.025-0.030 mm), shape and structure of ...19959599428
nematodes parasitic in fishes of cenotes (= sinkholes) of the peninsula of yucatan, mexico. part 2. larvae.this paper comprises a systematic survey of larval nematodes collected from fishes from cenotes (= sinkholes) of the peninsula of yucatan, southern mexico, in 1993-1994. larvae of the following nine species were recorded: physocephalus sexalatus, acuariidae gen. sp., spiroxys sp., falcaustra sp., hysterothylacium cenotae, contracaecum sp. type 1, contracaecum sp. type 2, goezia sp., and eustrongylides sp. larvae of p. sexalatus are recorded from fishes (rhamdia guatemalensis) for the first time. ...19958774773
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