notes on the biology of amblyomma dissimile koch, 1844 (acari:ixodida) on bufo marinus (linnaeus, 1758) from brazil.amblyomma dissimile is a common ectoparasite of cold blooded animals and is an accidental ectoparasite of some wild mammals. details of the biology of specimens from the state of amapá were studied in the laboratory in a humidity chamber at an average environmental temperature of 19.5 degrees c, using bufo marinus as host for the time in brazil. we also report the first record of this species in the state of minas gerais.19947823816
ochoterenella esslingeri n. sp. (nematoda: onchocercidae: waltonellinae) from bokermannohyla luctuosa (anura: hylidae) in minas gerais, brazil, with notes on paraochoterenella purnomo & bangs, 1999.the waltonelline ochoterenella esslingeri n. sp., a filarial parasite of the anuran bokermannohyla luctuosa in minas gerais, brazil is described. several characters distinguish this new species from the 15 species presently included in the genus: the cuticular ornamentation of the female that is restricted to the posterior region of the body, the irregular arrangement of the small, rounded bosses, the postoesophageal vulva, the short glandular oesophagus, the size and shape of the microfilariae, ...201223193518
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