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digeneans and cestodes parasitic in the white-faced ibis plegadis chihi (aves: threskiornithidae) from argentina.some digeneans and cestodes parasitic in a population of the white-faced ibis plegadis chihi (vieillot) from buenos aires province, argentina, are presented. the digeneans dietziella egregia (dietz, 1909), patagifer bilobus (rudolphi, 1819), ascocotyle (leighia) hadra ostrowski de nuñez, 1992 and posthodiplostomum nanum dubois, 1937 from the intestine; prosthogonimus ovatus (rudolphi, 1803) from the cloaca; athesmia heterolecithodes (braun, 1899) from the bile ducts and the cestode hymenolepis m ...200011104147
new reports and a redescription of porrocaecum heteropterum (diesing, 1851) (ascarididae), a rare nematode parasitic in south american.threskiornithid birds1.porrocaecum heteropterum (diesing, 1851) (nematoda, ascarididae) is reported parasitising the white-faced ibis plegadis chihi and the black-faced ibis theristicus melanopis melanopis (ciconiiformes, threskiornithidae) from the provinces of buenos aires and neuquén, argentina. this nematode has been reported very few times in the literature, mainly from brazilian threskiornithids, and there have been no new reports following a redescription of the species given in 1957. this paper provides new ho ...200111389327
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