lesions caused by virulent aeromonas hydrophila in farmed catfish ( ictalurus punctatus and i. punctatus × i. furcatus) in 2009, a virulent strain of aeromonas hydrophila caused severe disease and high mortalities (motile aeromonad septicemia variant [masv]) in farmed channel catfish ( ictalurus punctatus) and hybrid catfish ( i. punctatus × i. furcatus) in eastern mississippi and alabama. as is common in mas, there is severe hemorrhagic dermatitis with ulceration, as well as abdominal hyperemia, petechiation, and mild ascites. additional findings in masv cases include panophthalmitis and orbital cellulitis, lead ...201728482758
development and use of modified live edwardsiella ictaluri vaccine against enteric septicemia of catfish.the present study showed that e. ictaluri re-33 vaccine does not cause esc but does stimulate protective immunity. the re-33 vaccinates were protected against esc for at least 4 months following a single bath immersion in a low number of e. ictaluri re-33 without booster vaccination. antibody responses are weak after re-33 vaccination. edwardsiella ictaluri re-33 vaccine presents no risk or hazard to catfish. re-33 vaccine will prevent esc caused by most isolates of e. ictaluri in catfish. we re ...19999890040
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