development and use of modified live edwardsiella ictaluri vaccine against enteric septicemia of catfish.the present study showed that e. ictaluri re-33 vaccine does not cause esc but does stimulate protective immunity. the re-33 vaccinates were protected against esc for at least 4 months following a single bath immersion in a low number of e. ictaluri re-33 without booster vaccination. antibody responses are weak after re-33 vaccination. edwardsiella ictaluri re-33 vaccine presents no risk or hazard to catfish. re-33 vaccine will prevent esc caused by most isolates of e. ictaluri in catfish. we re ...19999890040
lesions caused by virulent aeromonas hydrophila in farmed catfish ( ictalurus punctatus and i. punctatus × i. furcatus) in 2009, a virulent strain of aeromonas hydrophila caused severe disease and high mortalities (motile aeromonad septicemia variant [masv]) in farmed channel catfish ( ictalurus punctatus) and hybrid catfish ( i. punctatus × i. furcatus) in eastern mississippi and alabama. as is common in mas, there is severe hemorrhagic dermatitis with ulceration, as well as abdominal hyperemia, petechiation, and mild ascites. additional findings in masv cases include panophthalmitis and orbital cellulitis, lead ...201728482758
risk factors associated with enteric septicemia of catfish on mississippi commercial catfish farms.a gram-negative bacterium, edwardsiella ictaluri, is the cause of enteric septicemia of catfish (esc), which is one of the most prevalent bacterial diseases in farm-raised catfish. the objective of this study was to identify risk factors associated with esc mortalities and are reported by farm personnel. to identify risk factors a catfish management database was developed. the odds ratios (or) of the final multivariable logistic regression model were: (1) volume of the pond (or, 0.56), (2) inter ...201424895861
comparison of edwardsiella ictaluri isolates from different hosts and geographic origins.the intraspecific variability of e. ictaluri isolates from different origins was investigated. isolates were recovered from farm-raised catfish (ictalurus punctatus) in mississippi, usa, tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) cultured in the western hemisphere and zebrafish (danio rerio) propagated in florida, usa. these isolates were phenotypically homologous and antimicrobial profiles were largely similar. genetically, isolates possessed differences that could be exploited by repetitive-sequence-medi ...201626661707
fish mortality in the mississippi catfish farming industry in 1988: causes and treatments.the 1988 fish mortality summary for the catfish (ictalurus punctatus) industry in mississippi is presented. in 1988, 2,456 cases were submitted to mississippi cooperative extension service fish disease laboratories at belzoni and stoneville. bacterial infection caused by edwardsiella ictaluri was the leading cause of catfish mortality. descriptions and treatments are presented for bacterial, parasitic, viral and other diseases affecting mississippi farm-raised catfish in 1988.19912023314
a real-time polymerase chain reaction assay for quantification of edwardsiella ictaluri in catfish pond water and genetic homogeneity of diagnostic case isolates from mississippi.a quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qpcr) assay was developed for the detection and quantification of edwardsiella ictaluri in channel catfish ictalurus punctatus pond water using modifications to a published e. ictaluri-specific qpcr assay and previously established protocols for the molecular detection of myxozoan parasites in catfish ponds. genomic dna equivalents indicative of the number of bacteria in a sample were determined and standard curves correlating to bacterial numbers were e ...201122372245
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