an outbreak of west nile virus infection in captive lesser scaup (aythya affinis) ducklings.this report describes west nile virus (wnv)-associated mortality in captive lesser scaup (aythya affinis) ducklings that occurred in saskatchewan, canada, in july and august 2007. there were no clinical signs or gross necropsy findings suggestive of the cause of death; however, microscopic lesions were consistent with wnv infection, including nonsuppurative encephalitis and myocardial, pancreatic, and splenic necrosis. necrosis of the thymus and thyroid was also observed in some birds, which has ...200919432016
avian botulism during late autumn and early spring in saskatchewan.two outbreaks of botulism in central saskatchewan in which mortality of waterfowl continued into late autumn and then recurred in the same marshes the following spring are described. small numbers of birds were involved in each instance. dabbling ducks (predominantly mallards, anas platyrhynchos and pintails, anas acuta) and american coots, fulica americana were affected most commonly in autumn, whereas only diving ducks (predominantly lesser scaup, aythya affinis) were found to be involved in s ...19836887447
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