a malignant mixed salivary tumour and a mammary carcinoma in a young wild eastern spotted native cat dasyurus viverrinus (marsupialia).this report contains the first description of a salivary gland tumour in a dasyurid marsupial; the same animal also had a mammary carcinoma. all the previously described neoplasms have been in animals held in captivity for varying periods of time, whereas the case reported here was a young animal trapped in the wild and killed three days later. the development of tumours in the natural environment is important aetiologically.19863013953
linstowinema, smales, 1997 (nematoda : seuratidae) from dasyurids (marsupialia : dasyuridae) from australia.linstowinema edmondsi (echinonematinae) from dasyurus hallucatus (dasyuridae) is redescribed. it can be differentiated from all species of linstowinema occurring in bandicoots (peramelidae) in having the first row of cephalic hooks as long as or longer than the second row. l. gracile n. sp. is described from phascogale tapoatafa and dasycercus cristicauda, and can be distinguished from all previously described species of linstowinema in not having a cuticular dilation of the oesophageal region o ...199910613528
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