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folklore information from assam for family planning and birth control.the author collected folklore information on herbal treatments to control fertility from different parts of assam, india. temporary methods of birth control include cissampelos pareira l. in combination with piper nigrum l., root of mimosa pudica l. and hibiscus rosa-sinensis l. plants used for permanent sterilization include plumbago zeylanica l., heliotropium indicum l., salmalia malabrica, hibiscus rosa-sinensis l., plumeria rubra l., bambusa rundinacea. abortion is achieved through use of ...198212266264
plant utilization against digestive system disorder in southern assam, india.being one of the most common types of life threatening diseases in southern assam, india, the digestive system disorders (dsd) have gained much attention in recent decades. traditional beliefs and inadequate income of mass population result in the use of alternative phytotherapies to treat the diseases.201526387738
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