ten-year survey of british bats for the existence of 1985, a notable increase in the number of recorded cases of rabies in european bats was observed, indicating a possible spread of the rabies virus in these bats. because of concern that the disease could be introduced into the united kingdom by bats crossing from mainland europe, a programme of screening dead bats for the presence of rabies and rabies-related viruses was initiated at the rabies research and diagnostic unit at the central veterinary laboratory. over a period of 10 years (janua ...19968950819
european bat lyssavirus in scottish bats.we report the first seroprevalence study of the occurrence of specific antibodies to european bat lyssavirus type 2 (eblv-2) in daubenton's bats. bats were captured from 19 sites across eastern and southern scotland. samples from 198 daubenton's bats, 20 natterer's bats, and 6 pipistrelle's bats were tested for eblv-2. blood samples (n = 94) were subjected to a modified fluorescent antibody virus neutralization test to determine antibody titer. from 0.05% to 3.8% (95% confidence interval) of dau ...200515829196
eblv-2 prevalence in the united kingdom as determined by surveillance testing.five cases of eblv-2 have been detected in the uk since 1996, with all wildlife cases in the daubenton's bat: one on the south coast in sussex in 1996, one in lancashire in 2002, another in 2003, one in surrey in 2004 and a human fatality in angus, scotland, in 2002. as a result of the human case, a seroprevalence study, aimed primarily at the daubenton's bat was conducted in 2003 in scotland and at some sites in england. in scotland, 198 daubenton's, 20 natterer's and 6 pipistrelles were caught ...200616878484
spatial distribution of mitochondrial and microsatellite dna variation in daubenton's bat within scotland.daubenton's bat (myotis daubentonii) is a known reservoir for european bat lyssavirus type 2 (eblv-2). an appreciation of the potential for epidemiological spread and disease risk requires an understanding of the dispersal of the primary host, and any large-scale geographical barriers that may impede gene flow. the spatial pattern of microsatellite and mitochondrial dna variation was examined to infer patterns of dispersal of bats among 35 populations across scotland. dna sequence variation at t ...200818565113
european bat lyssavirus type 2 in a daubenton's bat in scotland. 200919783855
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