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spill-over of european bat lyssavirus type 1 into a stone marten (martes foina) in germany.european bat lyssavirus type 1 (eblv-1, genotype 5) is known to endemically circulate in insectivorous bat populations in germany. in august 2001, a rabies suspect stone marten (martes foina) was found in the city of burg (saxony-anhalt, germany) and was sent to the regional veterinary laboratory for routine rabies diagnosis. whereas brain samples repeatedly tested negative in the fluorescent antibody test for classical rabies virus (genotype 1), the mouse inoculation test and the rabies tissue ...200415030600
phylogenetic analyses of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus isolates from germany in 2006 and 2007 suggest at least three separate introductions of h5n1 spring 2006, highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (hpaiv) of subtype h5n1 was detected in germany in 343 dead wild birds, as well as in a black swan (cygnus atratus) kept in a zoo, three stray cats, one stone marten (martes foina), and in a single turkey farm. in 2007 (june-july) the virus reoccurred in 96 wild birds at six geographically separate locations in the southeast of germany. in addition, a backyard mixed duck and goose holding was affected. real-time rt-pcr [hoffmann, b., harder ...200818031958
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