whole-genome analysis of two bovine rotavirus c strains: shintoku and toyama.rotavirus c (rvc) has been detected frequently in epidemic cases and/or outbreaks of diarrhoea in humans and animals worldwide. because it is difficult to cultivate rvcs serially in cell culture, the sequence data available for rvcs are limited, despite their potential economical and epidemiological impact. although whole-genome sequences of one porcine rvc and seven human rvc strains have been analysed, this has not yet been done for a bovine rvc strain. in the present study, we first determine ...201323052397
molecular epidemiology of rotaviruses among healthy calves in japan: isolation of a novel bovine rotavirus bearing new p and g genotypes.a total of 171 fecal specimens collected from healthy calves on a beef farm in gifu prefecture, japan in 2006-2007 were examined for group a rotaviruses by rt-semi-nested pcr targeting the coding region for vp8*. nine specimens were positive for rotavirus. g and p genotyping indicated that one strain was g10p[11]-like and six strains were considered to be the same unknown g and p genotypes. among these six untypeable strains, one strain, azuk-1, was adapted to cell culture and analyzed. sequence ...200919464329
detection of bovine torovirus in fecal specimens of calves with diarrhea in japan.the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of bovine torovirus (botv) in bovine fecal samples and to determine whether a relationship exists between botv and diarrhea in japan. ninety-nine diarrheic and 114 normal fecal samples from calves in hokkaido prefecture and 38 diarrheic fecal samples from calves in 10 other prefectures were examined by reverse transcription (rt)-pcr with primers designed in the spike (s) gene for the presence of botv. the specimens were also examined for the ...200717551218
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