bovine rotavirus g and p types and sequence analysis of the vp7 gene of two g8 bovine rotaviruses from japan.a total of 1481 fecal specimens were collected from diarrheic calves under 1 month of age on 29 dairy and beef farms in 11 prefectures in japan during the period from 1987 to 2000. those calves and their dams were not vaccinated against rotavirus. one hundred and forty-two bovine rotaviruses were isolated on ma-104 cell cultures and detected by latex agglutination test. they were classified into 18 g6p[1] (11.2%), 53 g6p[5] (37.3%), 15 g6p[11] (10.6%), 12 g10p[5] (8.5%), 42 g10p[11] (29.6%) and ...200211750138
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