lung-worms (nematoda: pseudaliidae) of harbour porpoises (phocoena phocoena) in norwegian waters: patterns of colonization.we studied the component community of lung-worms of the harbour porpoise, attempting to establish the relative importance of ecological and evolutionary factors on its development. the lungs of 64 porpoises by-caught in norwegian waters were examined for helminths. three pseudaliid species were detected. the porpoises appear to be readily colonized by lung-worms, the structure of the component community of calves being fairly similar to that of the remainder. prenatal and/or transmammary infecti ...19948022660
organotins in marine mammals and seabirds from norwegian increasing number of studies indicate that marine mammals and some seabirds are exposed to organotins. however, results from northern and arctic areas are few. here results from analysis of tributyltin (tbt), dibutyltin (dbt), monobutyltin (mbt), triphenyltin (tpht), diphenyltin (dpht) and monophenyltin (mpht) in harbour porpoise (phocoena phocoena), common seal (phoca vitulina), ringed seal (phoca hispida) and glaucous gull (larus hyperboreus) from norwegian territory are presented. relative ...200414760453
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