[photosynthetic characteristics of five arbor species in shenyang urban area].by using li-6400 infrared gas analyzer, this paper studied the diurnal and seasonal variations of the photosynthetic rate of main arbor species (populus alba x p. berolinensis, salix matsudana, ulmus pumila, robinia pseudoacacia and prunus davidiana) in shenyang urban area. the correlations between net photosynthetic rate and environmental factors (photosynthetic active radiation, temperature, and stomatal conductance) were assessed by multivariate regression analysis, and related equations were ...200717974233
[morphological-ecological characters and growth patterns of main tree species leaves in urban forest of shenyang].the study with statistic and multivariate analyses showed that the main meteorological factors affecting the growth and development rhythms of main tree species leaves in urban forest of shenyang were > or = 5 degrees c accumulated temperature, accumulated sunshine hours, and mean temperature in the middle ten days of each phenological period. the meteorological factors needed by the tree species varied with their phenological period. necessary low temperature and ci were required in germination ...200617269315
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