introduced ticks and tick-borne diseases: the threat and approaches to eradication.exotic tick species and tick-borne diseases are serious threats to live-stock, companion animals, and wildlife in the united states. recurring introductions of exotic tick species into the united states are a significant indicator of the degree of risk. successful tick-eradication campaigns, such as the national program that eradicated boophilus annulatus and b. microplus from the united states, the cattle fever tick eradication program of the us department of agriculture's veterinary services t ...200212442574
evidence for role of white-tailed deer (artiodactyla: cervidae) in epizootiology of cattle ticks and southern cattle ticks (acari: ixodidae) in reinfestations along the texas/mexico border in south texas: a review and update.from 1907 when the fever tick eradication campaign began until 1933, the tick eradication methods of dipping cattle in an acaricide or "pasture vacation" were enormously successful in eradicating southern cattle ticks [rhipicephalus (boophilus) microplus (canestrini)], until failures began to occur in some areas of florida. regarding the failures in florida, the consensus was that populations of white-tailed deer [odocoileus virginianus (zimmermann)] infested with southern cattle ticks were resp ...201020429430
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