man-threatening viruses isolated from ticks in saudi determine tick viruses transmissible to man in saudi arabia.200718060218
rodents and their ectoparasites in wadi hanifah, riyadh city, saudi arabia.a survey was conducted on commercial and wild rodents from different locations in wadi hanifah in riyadh. six species of rodents were collected with wire net traps baited with fresh cucumber or fatty cheese. the trapped rodents in descending order of numbers were rattus rattus rattus, acomys dimidiatus, meriones libycus, r. r. frugivorus, r. r. alexandrinus and mus musculus. the ectoparasites were a flea, xenopsyllus sp. on r. r. frugivorus and a tick, rhipicephalus turanicus on each of a. dimid ...200111775100
studies on the interrelation between rodents and their ectoparasitic acarines in riyadh region, saudi arabia.the ectoparasitic acarines of commensal and wild rodents collected from various areas in riyadh region were four species of mites (laelaps nutalli, ornythonyssus bacoti, cheyletus eruditus and articholaelaps glasgowi), and two species of ticks. (immature stages) rhipicephalus spp. and hyalomma spp. in urban areas the highest infestation rate by mites was 49.9% on rattus rattus followed by 18.5% on rattus norvegicus. the highest rat-mite index was 2.3 on r. rattus followed by 1.3 on r. norvegicus ...19938308342
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