results of spraying with ultra-low-volume malathion at ground level in panama city.several ultra-low-volume (ulv) sprayings of technical malathion (95 per cent) were carried out in panama city. their purpose was to find out how useful this ulv technique could be in helping to combat mosquitoes, especially aedes aegypti. two residential areas were selected as sites for the trials. one of these was san francisco, a district near the shoreline of the bay of panama with many individual houses and a few tall buildings. the other was el cangrejo, a district further inland containing ...19751212538
recent developments in methods of mosquito control.since residual insecticide spraying in domiciles does not sufficiently control some species of anophelines to halt malaria transmission, alternate methods of control have been investigated. these include ultra-low-volume (ulv) sprays or aerosols, the release of sterile males to suppress or eradicate populations, and the use of diseases or parasites to interfere with transmission or to reduce populations of mosquitos. the ulv aerial sprays gave practical control of anopheles albimanus in haiti an ...19744548396
selection for resistance to carbamate and organophoshorus insecticides in anopheles albimanus. 19714937399
studies on resistance to carbamate and organophosphorus insecticides in anopheles albimanus. 19725074693
diel oviposition periodicity of anopheline mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) from the americas: anopheles albimanus wieldemann and anopheles freeborni aitken.the diel oviposition patterns of anopheles albimanus and an. freeborni derived from panama and california, u.s.a., respectively, were studied in the laboratory by recording the egg-laying of individuals and colonies at 2-h intervals. anopheles freeborni oviposition patterns were almost exclusively nocturnal, with 80% of eggs being laid during the scotophase. a large, well-defined peak of oviposition, comprising about 70% of eggs laid, occurred 4-6 h before sunrise. anopheles albimanus ovipositio ...19938311576
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