microplate assay analysis of the distribution of organophosphate and carbamate resistance in guatemalan anopheles albimanus.simple microplate assay methods for determining the frequency of insecticide resistance in single mosquitos were used to study the distribution and localization of organophosphate and carbamate resistance in field populations of anopheles albimanus weidemann in guatemala, where such resistance, caused by heavy use of agricultural pesticides, has long been assumed to be widespread. areas of complete susceptibility to organophosphates and carbamates were observed, as well as areas where the resist ...19883262440
[introduction of bacillus sphaericus strain-2362 (griselesf) for biological control of malaria vectors in guatemala].malaria continues to be an important health problem in a number of countries of central and south america where it is considered as a highly prevent endemic disease. the objective of this paper is to assess the entomo-epidemiological impact of a pilot program for the biological control of malaria-transmitting vectors, which was implemented in 1998 in escuintla, republic of guatemala. this program was based on the use of 20,000 l of biolarvicide bacillus sphaericus- strain-2362 (griselesf) which ...200011107892
independent selection of multiple mechanisms for pyrethroid resistance in guatemalan anopheles albimanus (diptera: culicidae).isofemale lines were established containing either, both, or neither of the elevated esterase and oxidase resistance mechanisms conferring pyrethroid resistance in a guatemalan strain of anopheles albimanus (wiedemann). plots of esterase and oxidase levels for individual mosquitoes from these single families correlated with data obtained using oxidase and esterase synergists in bioassays run in the bottle format. mixed populations of pyrethroid-resistant a. albimanus adult females were selected ...199910333749
effects of permethrin-impregnated bed nets on malaria vectors of northern guatemala.the authors evaluated the effects on malaria vectors of bed nets impregnated with permethrin over the course of a 16-month controlled study in four communities of northern guatemala. anopheles albimanus and an. vestitipennis were the known malaria vectors in the area. households were allocated to one of three experimental groups: those receiving bed nets impregnated with 500 mg/m2 of permethrin, those receiving untreated bed nets, and those where no intervention measures were taken. the impact o ...19948069332
knowledge, beliefs, and practices in relation to malaria transmission and vector control in part of an effort to involve community members in malaria control activities, we studied knowledge, beliefs, and practices of residents of both the pacific coastal plain and northeastern guatemala related to malaria transmission and anopheles albimanus control. most residents recognized the role of mosquitoes in malaria transmission, but few knew how mosquitoes acquired their infections or understood the risk of having an untreated person in their midst. if this were more widely known, reside ...19957771601
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