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the marine biologist--bob endean.bob endean was a dedicated marine biologist with an extensive knowledge of coral reef communities in the great barrier reef and fauna in subtropical queensland waters. he commenced a study of venomous and poisonous marine animals dangerous to man at a time when the field was new, employing a variety of techniques to investigate the venom apparatus, mode of delivery of venom or toxin, mode of toxic action on excitable tissues, and biochemistry of venom or toxin. determination of the pharmacologic ...200616952385
fouling-resistant surfaces of tropical sea stars.qualitative evidence suggests sea stars are free of fouling organisms; however the presence of fouling-resistant surfaces of sea stars has not previously been documented. field surveys were conducted in northern queensland, australia, during the wet and dry seasons and several tropical sea star species were examined for surface-associated micro- and macro-organisms. mean bacterial abundances on seven sea star species were approximately 10(4) to 10(5) cells cm(-2) during both seasons. there were ...200717882628
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