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field assessment of plant derivative compounds for managing fungal soybean diseases.natural plant-derived compounds are currently being explored as alternatives for pest control in sustainable agriculture. this study explored the use of two compounds, sesamol and carbenoxolone, in the management of the fungal soybean disease charcoal rot (macrophomina phaseolina). previous studies have determined that sesamol and carbenoxolone compounds significantly inhibited fungal pathogen growth and plant disease in vitro. in order to assess the field efficacy of these compounds for fungal ...200011171257
relatedness of macrophomina phaseolina isolates from tallgrass prairie, maize, soybean and sorghum.agricultural and wild ecosystems may interact through shared pathogens such as macrophomina phaseolina, a generalist clonal fungus with more than 284 plant hosts that is likely to become more important under climate change scenarios of increased heat and drought stress. to evaluate the degree of subdivision in populations of m. phaseolina in kansas agriculture and wildlands, we compared 143 isolates from maize fields adjacent to tallgrass prairie, nearby sorghum fields, widely dispersed soybean ...201019943894
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