isolation and characterization of heavy metals resistant bacteria from lagos lagoon.a total of 228 bacteria with an ability to resist toxic heavy metals were isolated from 8 selected sites of the lagos lagoon. the bacteria isolated were staphylococcus sp., bacillus sp., pseudomonas sp., streptococcus sp., moraxella sp., escherichia coli, proteus sp., klebsiella sp. and salmonella sp. the heavy metals to which resistance was recorded were mercury, lead, zinc, cobalt, copper and chromium. the lagoon sites from which the highest number of resistant bacteria were isolated were mari ...19979438345
biological treatments of textile industrial effluents in lagos metropolis, nigeria.the assessment of the effluents from two textile industries in ilupeju in lagos metropolis, nigeria showed that they were high in conductivity, biochemical oxygen demand (bod), chemical oxygen demand (cod), total dissolved solids (tds) and contained traces of heavy metals like ca, zn but high concentrations of cr and pb. these wastewaters are normally discharged into neighbouring water bodies. five bacterial groups, namely micrococcus sp., enterobacter sp., alcaligens sp., bacillus sp. and acine ...200415907081
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