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morphology and aspects of growth of a trypanosome transmitted by the marine leech johanssonia arctica (piscicolidae) from northern norway.the fish leech johanssonia arctica (johansson, 1898) was collected from king crabs paralithodes camtschaticus (tilesius, 1815) in finnmark, n norway, and allowed to feed on experimental fish hosts in the laboratory. this leech ingested blood from laboratory-reared cod (gadus morhua) and halibut (hippoglossus hippoglossus). some experimental halibut acquired trypanosome infection, with parasitaemia between ca. 500 and 60,000 trypanosomes ml(-1). the trypanosomes were of variable size and measured ...200516270801
crabs, leeches and trypanosomes: an unholy trinity?the red king crab paralithodes camtschaticus was deliberately introduced to the barents sea in the 1960s and 1970s from its native area in the north pacific. the carapace of these crabs is a favoured substrate for the leech johanssonia arctica to deposit its eggs, and the leech is a vector for a trypanosome blood parasite of marine fish, including cod. we examined cod for trypanosome infections during annual cruises along the coast of finnmark in north norway over three successive years from sta ...200415757697
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