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heavy metals and selenium in stranded dolphins of the northern tyrrhenian (nw mediterranean).heavy metal (hg, cd, pb and zn) and selenium levels were determined in striped (stenella coeruleoalba) and bottle-nosed dolphins (tursiops truncatus) stranded along the coast of tuscany and latium, italy in the period 1987-1989. lead and zinc concentrations were quite low and there was modest accumulation of cadmium in the kidney of both species. mercury levels were very high, especially in the liver where they reached peaks of 4400 ppm (dry weight) in the striped dolphin and 13,150 ppm (dry wei ...19921631534
post mortem investigations on cetaceans found stranded on the coasts of italy between 1990 and 1993.detailed pathological and virological examinations were carried out on 25 cetaceans found stranded between 1990 and 1993 on the coasts of six italian regions (latium, tuscany, apulia, abruzzo, veneto and sicily). there were 16 striped dolphins (stenella coeruleoalba), three bottlenosed dolphins (tursiops truncatus), three risso's dolphins (grampus griseus), one rough-toothed dolphin (steno bredanensis), one fin whale pup (balaenoptera physalus), and one minke whale (balaenoptera acutorostrata). ...19957631479
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