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parasites of south african wildlife. xix. the prevalence of helminths in some common antelopes, warthogs and a bushpig in the limpopo province, south africa.little work has been conducted on the helminth parasites of artiodactylids in the northern and western parts of the limpopo province, which is considerably drier than the rest of the province. the aim of this study was to determine the kinds and numbers of helminth that occur in different wildlife hosts in the area as well as whether any zoonotic helminths were present. ten impalas (aepyceros melampus), eight kudus (tragelaphus strepsiceros), four blue wildebeest (connochaetes taurinus), two bla ...201123327219
Contacts between domestic livestock and wildlife at the Kruger National Park Interface of the Republic of South Africa.One of the most important transboundary animal diseases (TADs) in the southern African region is foot-and-mouth disease (FMD). In this region, a pathway for spread of FMD virus is contacts between cattle and certain species of wildlife. The objective of this study was to evaluate contacts between cattle and wildlife in the Kruger National Park (KNP) and the adjacent Limpopo province for the time periods October 2006 to March 2007 and April to September 2007. In this study, 87 livestock owners an ...201221907434
linognathus weisseri n. sp. (phthiraptera: linognathidae) of impalas, aepyceros melampus: description and biology.the adult male and female and first instar nymph of the sucking louse linognathus weisseri n. sp. are described. this louse was collected from impalas, aepyceros melampus, at three localities in limpopo province, and at three in mpumalanga province, south africa. although it usually accounted for only a small proportion of the total louse burden, its overall prevalence exceeded 27%. its prevalence on adult male impalas (9%) was significantly lower (p = 0.004) than that on adult females (39%), bu ...200415185576
parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. xv. the seasonal prevalence of ectoparasites on impala and cattle in the northern transvaal.the prevalence of ectoparasites on a total of 36 impala (aepyceros melampus) slaughtered monthly from february 1975 to february 1976 and a total of 24 cattle slaughtered monthly from march 1976 to march 1977 in the nylsvley provincial nature reserve was determined. six species of ixodid ticks were collected from the impala and these, in order of abundance, were: rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi, rhipicephalus appe. diculatus, amblyomma hebraeum, boophilus decoloratus, ixodes cavipalpus and hyalomma ...19827177586
parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. xi. helminths in cattle on natural pastures in the northern transvaal.after being exposed to infestation for 4 to 6 weeks, pairs of tracer calves were slaughtered to determine the seasonal incidence of helminth infestation in cattle on natural pasture. haemonchus placei was recovered from march-july and from november-february, and peak burdens were recorded during december and january. there was marked inhibition in larval development from april-july. trichostrongylus spp. were recovered from march-june and from november-february, the greatest number of worms bein ...1978754122
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